Our Facilities

With our 10,000 square feet of space, Remedex Pharmaceuticals established a c GMP manufacturing facility in Boca Raton, Florida.

The cGMP facility is state-of-art and contains suites, research development center and analytical development laboratories.

Environmental, Health and Safety:

Remedex Pharmaceuticals is committed to operate a safe and responsible pharmaceutical company that protect the environment and promotes the health and wellbeing of our colleagues and the communities. Remedex Pharmaceuticals will follow polices/Procedures, goals/Performance, managing compliances, managing incidents, auditing and self-assessment, training and development of Environmental, Health and Safety Standards. 



Dosage Forms

  • ● Tablets
  • ● Conventional tablets
  • ● Controlled/delay released tablets
  • ● Bilayer technology
  • ● Laser drilled technology
  • ● Capsules
  • ● Hard gelatin /HPMC capsules
  • ● Controlled /delay release capsules
  • ● Soft gels
  • ● Hot Melt Extraction
  • ● Spray Drying
  • ● Freeze Dried products
  • ● Semi Solids (Ointments/Creams/Gels)
  • ● Liquids (Solutions and Suspensions)
  • ● Transdermal (Patches)
  • ● Inhalation
  • ● Suppositories
  • ● Poorly water soluble drugs
  • ● Highly potent and cytotoxic drugs


Our Product

We Continue to bring top quality products and create innovations in a field that is unmatched by our competion.

Remedex offers a variety of dosage forms including

● Product with formulation complexities

● Specialized release profile, product required regulatory challenges

● Product with raw materials problems.